New Port Richey Annual Events

Street festivals in New Port Richey, Florida.
What Are the Top New Port Richey Annual Events?

New Port Richey is a city built in history and in tradition. So it shouldn’t surprise us to know that there are many culturally significant annual events happening in the city. What are some of the most notable New Port Richey events?

Perhaps the most famous annual event in the city is that of the Chasco Fiesta, which is an eleven-day event honoring Native Americans. This event sees two parades; first, a decorated boat parade as well as a street parade. There is also a coronation ball, a large world-record setting BBQ, and a variety of entertainment venues.

Arts and crafts festivals are held every year, as well as live concerts, a midway, 5K and 10K runs, and various sports tournaments. There is also a flea market and antique store that will be of interest to shoppers. The meaning of this culturally significant event is to honor the Native Americans of ancient times. This event started in 1922 and has been held every year since 1947. The majority of things you do here are absolutely free! Chasco Fiesta in New Port Richey, FL joins the West Pasco Historical Society, which is a museum that also hosts local shows, exhibitions and events.

Other New Port Richey annual events are arranged by the city. Some of these event shows include the Downtown Market in Cavalaire Square, Main Street Blast and a Night in the Tropics also happening in Main Street. These events are hosted and organized by the downtown market. Recent show themes have included the 11th Annual Cotee River Seafood/Blues Festival & Bright House Networks Boat Show and a Sand Soldiers of America Dinner.

There is always something happening in New Port Richey, the Playful City, and one that is keen to throw a great party at least once a year.

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