New Port Richey Arts and Culture

See the arts when in New Port Richey, Florida.
Whats the State of Art in New Port Richey, FL?

What is the state of “Art” in New Port Richey? How could a city associated with golf, parks and old century homes possibly have a contribution to art? You might be surprised. This was the city beautiful enough to captivate the elite Hollywood crowd like Thomas Meighan, Gloria Swanson and Ed Wynn. Paramount Pictures reps even came in to discuss the possibility of creating a motion picture studio. So this is a city very in tune with artistry and expression.

For a cultural experience visit the West Pasco Historical Society, which holds many old New Port Richey artifacts as well as many seasonal exhibitions of interest to all U.S. citizens. The West Pasco Art Guild can be found on Jefferson Street. New Port Richey Art Galleries of interest include the Allgood Studio & Gallery, the Sun Gulf Art Gallery, Tammy White Galleries and Xanadu Originals.

If you are willing to travel a few miles out of the city you can check out the Brass Rubbing Center in Tarpon Springs as well as the Sideshow Museum in Hudson. Another New Port Richey art gallery to speak of is the Progress Energy Art Gallery on Grand Boulevard. This art gallery arranges for numerous events including new exhibitions, poetry nights and seasonal attractions. The Richey Suncoast Theater is a community theater and is also found on Grand Boulevard. Some of their recent productions include Ticket to Broadway, a musical talent show, Doo Wop and the Saints and Footloose.

There is plenty to see at a New Port Richey art museum. Whether you like community art, theater and performance art, or commercial art, you will not be disappointed. The city of New Port Richey, FL never did forget their brush with the stars and a whole lot of creativity remains in this humble city.

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