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Job opportunities in New Port Richey, Florida.
Whats the Word on New Port Richey, FL Jobs?

Are you considering relocating to New Port Richey? This Florida city is part of the Tampa Bay area and hosts a population of 16,000 people—with 10,000 more people in the eastern area of New Port. If you are interested in finding a job here then it’s a wise move to associate yourself with one of the major companies. When you do this, you can avoid startup businesses and escape sinking ships that are being affected by recession.

What are the major industries in this city? As with many Florida cities, New Port Richey, FL is a great city for citrus products. The retail industry is also big thanks to the many shopping centers in the area. However, career professionals might find that government jobs or school jobs are more reliable. The major employers in the city who provide Florida jobs are the local government, the hospital and the school district.

You can search for New Port Richey, FL employment online, through an employment staffing agency, or by a local networking meeting. You can also apply directly with some employers. Bear in mind that the city has a 4.4% unemployment rate. The cost of living in New Port Richey, FL with job salary is estimated to be 93.13% of the U.S. Average.

The Port Richey Land Company helped the city take shape in the early 20th century and real estate continues to be a lucrative if sometimes unstable market. Property value remains high however, as many homes are nearby local attractions. Besides, the entire city has a convenient location as it is not too far from many other Florida destination cities. This is a great place to find an apartment, a vacation home, or even a commercial property.

There are many employment opportunities to check out. Even in the Playful City, there is still a thriving business scene.

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