History of New Port Richey

Captain Aaron Richey helped found New Port Richey, Florida.
Learn About New Port Richey, FL History

Learning about New Port Richey, FL history will reveal a great deal of human experience in this so-called “Playful City.” This city was named after a certain Captain Aaron Richey who traveled from Missouri and established the area in the 1880s. The New Port area was officially founded in the year 1915 and incorporated nine years later. Before the official founding, the area was called Hickory Hammock.

New Port Richey Florida history continues with the beginning of the downtown area in 1911. The Port Richey Land Company is responsible for much of the city’s development and expansion. In the 1911 era, the area was seen as a sort of retirement paradise. It was a community for retirees and a center for outlying farmlands. This perception changed with the addition of a railroad and the nearby Dixie Highway. Real estate helped the city to develop further in the 1920s.

In the same decade, the city “went Hollywood”, as it began to attract major film stars like Thomas Meighan, Gloria Swanson and Ed Wynn. For a time, it was suggested that the city would create its own motion picture studio, though the Great Depression changed things. The history of New Port Richey, FL doubled in the 1950s though the downtown area was suffering. The city would remain stagnant until the 1970s when redevelopment efforts would launch. Redevelopment of the city was again announced in 2000 and the community has been actively involved in developing their own projects ever since.

To see New Port Richey today is to see a variety of golf courses, shopping centers, local parks and a thriving downtown area. The city’s flirtation with Hollywood left its mark and ever since then the citizens of New Port Richey have aspired to do great things. Come visit this Playful City and enjoy the history.

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