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Check out the museums in New Port Richey, Florida.
Are There Museums in New Port Richey, FL?

Are there any notable museums in New Port Richey, FL? Yes, and depending on where you are able to travel, you can find a wide variety of museums. The only museum located within the New Port Richey area is the West Pasco Historical Society. This society started in 1973 and is a small museum housed in an early 1900s building. The museum has a library, and while it does have books and biographies, its main use is a collection of historical facts and county records.

The museum is handicapped accessible. It offers many permanent exhibitions including the Zane Rankin Grocery, the New Port Richey Press, a 1900s Pioneer Parlor, the McKay Shoe Repair and the Thomas Meighan Theater. There are also special exhibitions available in the museum according to season. Some of the past collections have included Santas, African art, antique glassware, Seminole, Timucuan Indian artifacts and Mayan artifacts.

If you are willing to travel outside the immediate city then you can find the Safford House Museum on Parkin Court, and the Museum of Science and Industry in Tampa. Other Tampa, FL museums include Ybor City Museum State Park, the Florida Museum of Photographic Art and the Tampa Museum of Art.

New Port Richey FL museums have a lot to work with as much of the city itself has deep historical roots. The city developed in the early 20th century and was thought to have potential as a retirement community. However, the addition of a railroad as well as appearances by several major Hollywood celebrities elevated the town to a special status. The entire city is a standing museum, as some wooden homes from the pre-1920s generation are still in use, despite most of them burning down in the early part of the century.

If you seek higher learning and want your curiosity satisfied, then enjoy some of these exciting museums when you visit!

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