5 Key Facts about San Francisco Solar Energy Systems

5 Key Facts about San Francisco Solar Energy Systems

You only need to watch the nightly news for five minutes to hear about oil. Whether it is gasoline prices, problems in the Middle East or toxic spills off the Gulf Coast, oil dominates American life on some level every single day. There are alternatives to this energy source that creates so much pollution. Solar energy is one of the best ways to reduce your own dependence on oil. Here are 5 key facts about solar energy.

1. Technology has made it affordable. The cost of installing and maintaining San Francisco solar energy systems has dropped considerably since this technology was introduced years ago. It has become so affordable enough that families can access the technology and pay for the entire investment after several years of saving on energy bills.

2. Rate hikes aren’t on the way. Since energy is in the news so often, you might think that San Francisco residential solar systems will become more expensive to use once oil supplies diminish. That won’t happen. The incredibly low monthly charges will remain low.

3. The quantity is inexhaustible. As long as you have solar panels installed, you can count on the energy helping you save. Assuming the earth continues to revolve around the sun, there will be stores of this energy to put into use. It is the major difference between solar power and other types of energy. While many parts of the environment are endangered, the sun is not on any critical list.

4. The Bay Area can also access this energy source. Just because the sun doesn’t shine in San Francisco the way it does down south, it doesn’t affect the potential for solar energy in the Bay Area. Cooler climates still get plenty of sun. It’s about the power that the panels attract.

5. It will increase property value. Another way solar power makes sense financially is in the increase in home value. Once you have the technology installed, you become a “green home” resident. If you ever decide to sell, you will get a higher sale price based on the lower energy costs.

The time has finally arrived for solar energy to make its move. If you have solar technology installed, you will start saving money immediately and watch your home increase in value for every bit of energy you stop consuming. In an area with the highest property values in the country, it could make the difference even when the market is at its peak.