5 Ways a Nursing Degree Will Advance Your Career

5 Ways a Nursing Degree Will Advance Your Career

If you are a registered nurse looking to advance in your career, turning your RN to BSN is a healthy move. In fact, with a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing you will see doors open wide for you quickly. Getting an advanced nursing degree will help you expand and enhance your skills within the healthcare industry.

A good RN to BSN program can give you unique advantages in turning your nursing talents to a more rewarding career in five special ways:

  • Enhanced Communication Skills
  • Practical Problem-Solving Ability
  • Better Knowledge of Quality and Safety Issues
  • Expertise in Complementary and Alternative Therapies
  • Nursing Informatics and Applications

In no time at all these skills can advance you to a proven healthcare leader.

Learn Enhanced Communication Skills

A top-tier RN to BSN curriculum will certainly improve your ability to communicate with your peers and become a thought leader in the healthcare industry. Most programs involve speaking and writing skills—talents that are vital to moving your career forward.  You’ll use these communication skills as you're taken through real-world clinical scenarios that apply to today’s daily nursing practices.

Practical Problem-Solving Ability

A BSN degree can help turn you into an impactful professional with top-notch leadership skills and the ability to problem-solve in today’s ever-changing healthcare environment. Most RN to BSN programs ask that you meet requirements for enrollment including having an active RN license. These programs usually require you to work classes around your usual schedule, so that may become your first test in problem solving.

So if you’re looking to move from the wonderful world of nursing (which is one of the most honorable careers available) to an even more rewarding position, looking into a good RN to BSN course is a key to making it happen.

Better Knowledge of Quality and Safety Issues

Most RN to BSN courses have a heavy focus on the review of today’s safety and quality healthcare issues, including the many guidelines and systems that impact most healthcare agencies. You’ll be well suited to advance with the knowledge of the best practices for new healthcare initiatives in hospitals and other medical settings.

Expertise in Complementary and Alternative Therapies

Through your continuing education, you will also likely explore today’s use of alternative and complementary therapies in the ever-changing healthcare industry. You will learn safety issues and practice evidence-based health care so that you can carry a variety of therapies into your nursing management career.  

Nursing Informatics and Applications

The transformation to BSN will also give you a vital knowledge of current nursing informatics, including reviewing and analyzing many types of information system applications that are prevalent in today’s healthcare system. You’ll become a leader who is well versed in managing data and information in the legal, social, and ethical context of modern nursing.