Are Auto Service Contracts Worth Getting

Are Auto Service Contracts Worth Getting

An auto service contract is very similar to a car warranty in that they both constitute a pledge to either perform of at the very least pay for certain services for or repairs to your motor vehicle. Unlike a standard warranty however, auto service contracts will always cost extra money, so the question most drivers will want to know the answer to is whether or not they are worth that extra cash.

On many occasions service contracts are worth paying extra for, but sometimes they are certainly not. For one thing, it is important to ensure that you take out an auto service contract with a reputable company such as Warranty Nation, who you know is not going to leave you shortchanged in the long run.

Even with the most reputable of companies, however, it is still incumbent upon the motorist to work out for themselves if an individual contract is right for them and thus worth paying extra money for. There are a number of ways in which a consumer can determine this, including giving careful consideration to a number of questions.

These questions include the likes of whether or not the contract duplicates the coverage given by a warranty, whether the lender needs a service contract, what the cost is and how long the contract will last for, which company actually backs the contract, whether or not there is a deductible and what the cost is if there is, who will actually perform the repairs and the kind of repairs and services which the contract actually covers.

It is often the case for instance that the coverage which is offered by a service contract is duplicated by the warranty which is already covering your vehicle. Find out what the exact terms of the specific contract are and make a comparison to all of the warranties which are currently covering your motor vehicle before paying out hundreds of United States dollars (or possibly even more than that) for a service contract.

How much a service contract actually costs often comes down to the make, model and general condition of the vehicle in question, in addition to the coverage and length of the contract itself. The initial price can be anything from a couple of hundred United States dollars to more than a thousand. Also, if an item is not listed as being covered under repairs, it generally isn’t.