Beating the Heat with San Francisco Solar Panels

Beating the Heat with San Francisco Solar Panels

California is pretty motivated to get solar power into the homes of San Francisco homeowners. They're so motivated that the state has dedicated two billion dollars towards solar initiatives extending over the next ten years. That’s a whole lot of commitment to the environment if you ask us!

If you are living in San Francisco, solar panels as you know are a hot commodity. Despite the sometimes lack of sunshine, San Francisco solar energy is still on the rise as the awareness of the advantages of renewable energies expands. For residents of San Francisco, solar panels are making a difference in the lives of tens of thousands of people daily. Wouldn’t you love to be among those who elect for a cleaner, greener tomorrow?

So, what does a solar installation entail exactly? Well, your contractor should first take note of what your needs are. In San Francisco, solar panels can reduce your electricity bill to almost nothing depending on how large the system, so be sure to let them know this information. 

Once an appointment has been made, an engineer will visit your home to determine if your roof has the ability to sustain the system that you have envisioned. If it does not meet the requirements, do not despair. Installations can be made on the ground as well and don’t just need your roof to be successful.  

Next, they will run you through your options for the panel and system itself. Would you prefer fewer panels that have a higher efficiency rating? What are your budgetary requirements? Will you be in need of financing options? Are you aware of the incentives offered by the government? The right company will have all of these answers at the ready for you so you can make as informed a decision as possible.

The installation itself will take anywhere between 24 and 48 hours and upon completion, the system will be run in order to ensure that everything is functioning as it should. The installer will return in a few days time to check, but you should also be able to call if there are any concerns in the interim.

If you’re considering a solar energy system, you should know that you can save on solar with If you are looking for a fantastic local contractor to be able to provide you with top quality products, incredible customer satisfaction ratings and impeccable follow up service, then Verengo Solar should be your first and only call.