Does Weather Affect your Car's Exterior?

Does Weather Affect your Car's Exterior?

Does weather affect your car's exterior? Of course it does. Weather is one of the most destructive forces on the planet. It is what made the Grand Canyon. Your car is nothing in the face of weather conditions. Most of the effects are slow and subtle, which makes them hard to notice by people who see the car day in and day out. However, rest assured that your car is under constant attack by the weather. 

One of the most hazardous weather conditions for your car's exterior is cold winter chill and hot summer sun. The winter and summer can seriously affect the appearance of your vehicle. Winter chill includes things like ice, snow, freezing temperatures and extremely cold winds, while summer is pounding heat, thunderstorms and hot temperatures. All of these things can make your car look bad. That is why you must take precautions to protect it. 

The first thing to look at is the paintwork. The paint is the most vulnerable part of any vehicle. The best way to protect it is by applying the appropriate wax. The usual waxes, which are carnauba-based, are probably not going to do much to combat winter or summer excesses. A better option is to use a synthetic wax. These products are acrylic resin-based and will help to seal the exterior of your vehicle from the grit and salt that covers the roads during the winter as well as protect your cars exterior from the summer sun. The service department of your dealership will be able to provide more help on which waxes are the best to use on your particular automobile. You can also look into a paint protection film.

Waiting too long to wax the car can cause problems. You may not be able to get the finish you desire. Low and high temperatures cause consistencies to change. However, heated garages can make topping up the wax possible. Specialist sprays also help with this problem. They make it possible to perform the top-up quickly and provide the basic protection that will take care of the car until more wax can be applied. 

Door seals, trim and bumpers can also be vulnerable to the winter and summer weather. The extreme temperatures tend to crack and stress these things. The sun also affects these materials. Sun rays are fiercer. Rubber spray and other specialty products can be used to prevent these things from happening.

There is no denying that the the weather affects your car's exterior. If you care about keeping your car looking nice, you will do everything that you can to protect your vehicle from this harmful force of nature. Use specialty products and wax before the winter begins.