Email Response Management Systems

Email Response Management Systems


There is nothing more important to the survival of your business than retaining your existing customer base. The economy is tough and it is extremely costly and time consuming to find replacement clients. This means you must do whatever it takes to not only satisfy your existing clients, but over deliver. You already know that your call center offers you the opportunity to accomplish this. Indeed, every incoming phone call is important and must be responded to and resolved quickly.

Equally important are incoming emails. More clients than ever before are turning to email as their preferred business communication tool. If you are still processing incoming emails by hand you are not offering world-class customer service. Your customer demands that their emails be resolved just as fast as phone call. You simply cannot accomplish this by manually sending incoming emails to the proper staff member. You must automate the process with an email response management system.

You can easily automate and stream line the entire incoming email process with easy to use, yet powerful email response business software. The way the system works is, all incoming emails are scanned and automatically sent to the correct rep’s inbox. Important emails are marked as urgent and placed in front of non-vital emails. Management can classify types of emails as they wish. Moreover, times can be set within the software allotting time frames to work emails to resolution. This ensure clients receive fast response times and resolution of their problems.

When emails first enter the system an auto-reply is sent to the client letting them know their email has been received. Furthermore, the email response system tracks every email within the system. If a certain email must be expedited then it can easily be found and then resolved. Your clients will notice how fast you are responding to and fixing their emailed problems. Implement this robust software and you will retain more clients, and they will reward your business with their loyalty and increased sales.

In closing, retaining your current customer base is vital to the continued success of your business. Your call center is your opportunity to over deliver to your clients. Certainly, fast response and quick resolution to phone in problems is critical. However, this is not enough. You must treat customer emails in the same manner you treat their phone calls. When you implement an email response management system you satisfy more clients and significantly increase sales in the process.