Getting a Better Nights Sleep With a Therapeutica Pillow

Not all pillows are created the same. In fact, most pillows fall into one of three specific categories based on the position in which people sleep. Depending on whether a person is a side, back, or stomach sleeper there are different pillows to offer support and ensure a better night’s sleep. However, what about people who don’t fit neatly into one category? For these people there is now a Therapeutica pillow; combination pillows that offer support to people who switch from being back and side sleepers throughout the night.

A Therapeutica pillow has a unique design that allows both back and side sleepers to utilize the pillow and still receive a proper night’s sleep. This pillow offers sleepers spinal alignment; it was designed by an ergonomic designer with heavy input from a chiropractic doctor. This means that the pillow offers the type of ergonomic support that is so often lacking from bedding in general and pillows in particular. In addition to ergonomic support, the Therapeutica pillow also comes in five different sizes: child, petite, average, large, and extra large. The pillow does not easily lose its shape, is made from non-allergenic and non-toxic foam, and is even recyclable. 

When you begin shopping for pillows, it’s important that you try the pillow without preconceived notions about its shape. The shape of the pillow is unique and allows it to service both back and side sleepers. Back sleepers can utilize the middle of the pillow when sleeping and will receive extra support for their neck so that their spine remains aligned. Side sleepers should use the outer sides of the pillow to sleep so that their neck is also supported and their spine is aligned while they sleep. If you find yourself alternating between side and back positions in your sleep then you will find it especially easy to position yourself correctly no matter which sleeping position you are in.

While some people do not see the difference between a standard pillow from the local big box store and a specialty pillow that works to support your neck and back, these types of pillows can make all the difference to someone who suffers from neck and back pain. If you’ve noticed neck pain when you wake up and have wondered whether your pillow is to blame, why not give a Therapeutica pillow a try? You might end up with the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had.

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