Palm Springs Solar Energy Systems Protect Homeowners against Unpredictable Electricity Rates

Palm Springs Solar Energy Systems Protect Homeowners against Unpredictable Electricity Rates

As any California resident who has been paying electricity bills in the last decade or so knows, electricity rates can fluctuate at the drop of a hat based on events that are completely out of your control. Market manipulations and a variety of other factors have caused many residents to hold their breath when opening their utility bills. An effective way to gain control of your utility bills is to hedge against rising electricity rates with solar energy. Palm Springs solar energy systems are designed to do just that.

With a residential solar installation, you can reduce your electricity bills by 100% by installing a system that meets all of your home’s energy requirements. On the other hand, you can install a more modest system that relieves a portion of the burden caused by your electricity payments. Palm Springs solar energy systems can be installed to meet your precise energy needs.

When purchasing a Palm Springs residential solar system, it is important to discuss your plans with a solar professional. Many homeowners experience initial sticker shock when considering a solar energy system. However, by factoring in local, state and federal rebates and tax credits, the cost of installation can be reduced by up to 50%. The Federal Solar Tax Credit alone knocks 30% off of the total cost of a solar system. A solar professional will help you to determine the final cost of your customized solar installation. Your overall budget and long-term energy goals will be considered so that the most cost-effective solution can be determined.

Since you will be saving thousands of dollars every year on utility costs with a solar installation, you are likely to pay the system off in just a few years. You will then be able to enjoy a free source of clean, renewable electricity for decades. As an added bonus, the value of your home will instantly increase from day one of your solar installation.

Palm Springs solar energy systems are being installed by a growing number of financially savvy California homeowners and business owners. If you are tired of paying exorbitant electricity bills and are worried about the future of conventional energy sources, Verengo Solar offers a reliable solution. As an added bonus, you will be doing your part in reducing the production of greenhouse gases, carbon emissions, and our nation’s reliance on fossil fuels. Solar is quickly becoming the way to move forward toward a clean energy future.