Restore Proper Cervical Curve with Cervical Traction

The human spine is a very beautiful thing, isn’t it? It has a natural grace in its curving arcs from the bottom to the top. This curvature is essential for the spine being able to do its job of supporting the body and allowing a person to move efficiently in his or her environment. Unfortunately many different kinds of conditions, outlined in numerous medical news sources, can lead to the improper curvature of the spine, including the upper areas of the neck. When this improper curvature occurs, the person can experience a whole host of unpleasant or damaging results, including neck and back pain, shoulder pain, headaches, and many other discomforts. And it is for this reason that the chiropractor spends a great deal of his or her time and effort in the attempt to restore the natural curvature of the spine and neck so that the patient can live a life that is free from pain and in natural balance with his or her body.

One tool that many happy patients and their doctors have used to restore this natural balance and spinal curvature is cervical traction. This simple but very effective tool works with the earth’s gravity to restore the spine’s lovely and functional curve. This technique reduces patient pain and discomfort with a very affordable and practical tool. Because the cervical traction device uses ordinary tap water to regulate the amount of traction that is applied to the patient’s upper spine, the device is extremely versatile and can be easily adjusted by either the health care provider or the patient him or herself.

The Core Cervical Traction System comes equipped with an adjustable head harness that fits comfortably around the patient’s forehead and chin. Attached to the head harness is the adjustable weight bag, which allows for easy filling or emptying of the water that provides the System with its cervical traction ability. Because of the unit’s simplicity and ease of use, the patient can enjoy its benefits either in the chiropractic office or, under the advisement of the chiropractor, in the convenience of his or her home. An ordinary massage table makes a great platform on which the patient can recline and make use of this effective pain reduction technique. Then, with use of one of the specialty wedge pillows available at most good medical supply outlets, the patient simply lies back and lets the cervical traction system do its job. A more graceful and functional upper spine is the result.

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