Save Thousands With A New Auto Warranty

Save Thousands With A New Auto Warranty

If you are not satisfied with your new car warranty or it is set to expire you should consider a new auto warranty. Most new car warranties expire while the owner is still paying off the car loan. The last thing anybody needs is a huge repair bill. This could happen if you do not take action before your current warranty lapses. Today’s automobiles are more complex and filled with electronic devices. Repairs can run from hundreds into the thousands of dollars. 

Since automotive repairs are now so expensive it is prudent to cover your car with an extended warranty. A well respected company in the industry, Warranty Nation offers the best service plans available. All of their plans pay the service center directly for all covered repairs. This means you do not incur any out of pocket repair bills. This is a huge benefit because without the service plan you might have to shell out thousands of dollars just to fix your car.

They offer service plans that are cost effective and designed to meet your particular needs. Bumper to bumper, power train, comprehensive, and vehicle product warranties provide different levels of protection based on your individual requirements. Vehicle product warranties cover all lubricated parts of the engine, transmission, and water pump. Power train warranties cover drive axles, transmissions, internal engine components, and the water pump. These two protection plans are perfect for those who primarily use their cars locally.

Moderate users will benefit from the comprehensive service contract. This plan provides ample protection and includes the alternator, starter, electrical system, air conditioning components, engine, transmission and the fuel system. People who put heavy mileage on their cars need the complete bumper to bumper package. This plan covers virtually all repairs except oil changes, and offers towing, and a rental car. Furthermore, if your car breaks down and you are over 100 miles from your house the plan offers trip reimbursement including hotel and meal expenses.

On the whole, most new car warranties lapse even though you are likely still paying your auto loan off. Today’s car repairs are very expensive given all the electronics in the modern automobile. The choice is this, take a chance without the protection of an extended warranty and pay thousands for a new transmission; or obtain the coverage you need and save thousands of dollars in repairs.