Searching for Spa Equipment Options Online

Searching for Spa Equipment Options Online

When looking to purchase new spa equipment, the options can seem endless. There are a lot of wonderful and wild treatments happening at spas these days, from snake and waterfall massages, to facials made from chocolate, and baths of beer, sake and wine. New treatments can be a lot of fun, but there is nothing like the tried and true treatments that have lasted throughout the years. One treatment that your spa may want to look into is that of reflexology, a treatment with roots all the way back to ancient Egypt and China. 

Reflexology works by applying pressure in specific areas of the body that are often believed to be connected to other areas of the body. By applying pressure to areas of the feet, hands, and ears it is believed you can positively affect other areas of the body such as the liver, kidneys and stomach. The benefits of such treatments are both physical and psychological. Who knew a little knowhow and some basic spa equipment could accomplish so much?

To start with, having this service done often creates an extreme sense of relaxation, thus reducing stress, anxiety and other issues weighing heavily on people today. The treatment also helps to get the blood flowing, and health news sources, as well as patients, have reported that it may help with issues that standard medicine cannot address. Speaking of, for example, phantom pains from those who have lost limbs, to the ease of depression. A reduction in overall pain has also been experienced, as well as a reduction of nausea in cancer patients, help with post partum depression after delivery, and the calming of children with ADHD.

Just what spa equipment is required in order to offer such services? To start with, you need to learn all about the various reflex points, and to what organs in the body they match up with. DVDs, books and guidance by a professional are all good ways to start. Once you have the basic knowledge, having a chart handy can also help in situations when a visual refresher is needed. A reflexology chair is also an especially nice touch, as it is ergonomically designed to remove pressure off areas and help your client to fully relax and enjoy the treatment.     

The required spa equipment is minimal for offering such a fantastic service. Find out more about reflexology and start offering this valuable service in your spa.