The American Eagle Gold Coins

The American Eagle Gold Coins

When researching which coins should be considered for the next ones to add to your coin collection, a gold coin series which should be considered is the American Eagle Gold Coin series. You can get these coins directly through certified coin brokers, who will guarantee their authenticity and quality, something you cannot always count on from an auction or independent seller. 

These gold American eagle coins are official gold bullion coins of the United States, and they first minted by the United States Mint in 1986, after the Gold Bullion Coin Act was authorized in 1985. They are the first (modern) bullion coin to be approved by the United States Congress (hence the status as an official gold bullion coin and the government backing).

Different Sizes of Gold Eagles

The gold American eagle coins are offered by reputable coin dealers in four different sizes - 1/10 oz. (the $5 coin), 1/4 oz. (the $10 coin), 1/2 oz. ($25 coin), and 1 oz. (the $50 coin) versions of the coin. All of the sizes are guaranteed by the United States Government to contain their actual gold weight in troy ounces. And, as an "American" Gold Eagle coin, all of the gold contained in the coins must come from sources in the United States.

Design of the Gold Eagles

The obverse side of the American Eagle Gold coins is a replication of the $20 gold coin, which was originally designed by Augustus Saint Gaudens and was minted from 1907 to 1933. It portrays the image of Lady Liberty, which is holding an olive branch in her left hand and a torch in her right hand. The United States Capitol building and a sunset can be seen in the background, as well. The reverse side coin portrays the namesake, an American Eagle flying to a nest (with other American Eagles in it) and carrying an olive branch. 

Other American Eagle Coins

Though the gold version of the American Eagle takes much of the fame, there are many other versions of the American Eagle coins still being produced. In addition to the gold coins, there are the American Silver Eagle and the American Platinum Eagle versions of the coins. Both the American Silver Eagles and the American Platinum Eagles also come in multiple sizes, but both take a back seat to the more desirable American Gold Eagle series.