The Benefits of Using Cervical Traction Devices to Alleviate Pain

The Benefits of Using Cervical Traction Devices to Alleviate Pain

Individuals who experience neck or back pain will benefit from using a cervical traction device. Many office workers who spend long hours in desks develop neck and back pain. Elderly individuals, people who do not exercise much, those recovering from neck injuries, and just about anyone else who is experiencing chronic neck or upper back pain will find relief when they use this device properly.

A cervical traction device is used to restore alignment in the neck vertebrae and the rest of the spine. This technique works to reduce pressure on the skeletal system by ensuring that proper posture is achieved and that space is created between vertebrae. It is common for vertebrae to become impacted so much so that proper movement is not allowed and pain results. The device works to relieve tension by restoring space between vertebrae and gently forcing the spine back into the correct form.

Cervical traction is also known as spinal decompression. Healthcare professionals use special devices to apply this technique. The patient lies on their back. A bag filled with fluid is hung from straps that are attached to the patient’s head. This gently guides the body back into alignment. There are other techniques used for this purpose, but this is the most commonly used technique these days.

If soreness should occur after treatment, a cold pack can be used to reduce inflammation and soreness. Many people seek this treatment due to pinched nerves. By applying an ice pack after treatment, pain associated with pinched nerves and other health issues can be effectively managed.
Homemade traction devices can be made, and there are recommendations for this that can be found online. However, since professionally designed cervical traction devices exist and are not all that expensive, it is worth it to use these devices. The spinal column can be a sensitive area that you do not want to risk improper treatment with. Use a device that is specifically made to improve the alignment of your spine and you are sure to get better results.

If the pain persists, set up an appointment with your doctor. In some cases, there are underlying issues that will need to be resolved using more advanced techniques. Once you have addressed the underlying issues causing your pain, you can begin to follow management techniques that will help you to maintain the health of your spine. Medical news shows that chiropractors and physical therapists can be a great resource if you would like to maintain the health of your spinal column long term.