Top 4 Things to do When the Electricity Goes Out

Top 4 Things to do When the Electricity Goes Out

While Comcast is doing their best to keep services up and running at all times, there will be times when the electricity at your home goes down, leaving you unable to watch your favorite cable shows. If this happens during the day, you could take the time to take a long walk, maybe go cycling or swimming, or decide to do some extra cleaning around the house. The question is, what do you do if it happens at night? This depends on whether you have a family or whether you are on your own.

Play Games

Gathering the family around a table and playing cards or board games by candle light is one excellent way of entertaining children while they are unable to watch their favorite Comcast cable channels. For a few extra giggles, you may wish to try playing twister in the half-light of candles. You may well find that everyone is happy to keep playing long after power has been restored.

Tell Ghost Stories

If the kids are old enough not to be scared for life, you could use the time to tell ghost stories. Equally entertaining by candle light or by using flashlights to highlight grotesque faces in an otherwise totally dark room, this will soon have them forget that they can not watch anything on Comcast. If the idea is to get them to bed, this may, however, not be such a good idea. In this case, it would be better to choose some other, less scary type of stories to tell.

Read a Good Book

Taking off to bed early with your flashlight and a good book may well be the answer while you are unable to watch cable TV. You may wish to re-read an old favorite, or finally start reading that new book you recently purchased. In any case, getting under the covers to read by flashlight will not only keep you warm, it may also bring back some tender childhood memories.

Yoga or other Meditation

Make the most out of being unable to watch anything on TV by allowing raindrops on the roof, thunder and lightning, chirping cicadas or the sound of night birds to make a perfect backdrop to meditation. Naturally, it will help to put phones on silent, too. The still of the night does wonders for reaching the right meditative levels to let stress flow away with ease.