Top 5 Uses for an Ultrasonics Machine

Top 5 Uses for an Ultrasonics Machine

Sometime back, I noticed that my jewelry no longer have the life in them as when I bought them. What I mean is that they are not as shiny and as appealing as they used to be. Of course the logical thing would have been to take them to a cleaner and have them polished. I decided to do it myself, as they are some of my most valued possessions and I find it hard to trust anyone with them.

However being an amateur, I didn't know where to start in terms of what to use in the cleaning process. After talking to some friends and colleagues, they all told me about ultra-sonic machines and I decided to take a leap of faith and give them a try. With a few clicks in my home computer I was able to buy one online from Crest Ultrasonics. The best thing about this machine is that all I had to do is plug it in and start cleaning. With a stainless steel tank and 40 kHz cleaning power, I felt pretty confident that it would do a good job of saving me a trip somewhere for a cleaning. True to the word of Crest ultrasonic, it did not disappoint, my jewelry came out looking as good as new!

With the positive reception to this amazing machine, I did a little more research to learn more about it and what I found was even more exciting. Crest ultrasonics had additional machines that could be used for different cleaning purposes around the house and in our daily lives. Since ultrasonic’s will work on almost any hard item, they will clean off organic soils and more.

Common uses: Coins, Guns, Heads of electric shavers, and Dentures

Knowing that an ultrasonic machine can be used for all the above cleaning purposes (and more), I wanted to know how they work. This is what I found. When ultra sonic energy is slowly introduced to the cleaning solution, the energy causes different pressures, both high and low in phases. In low phases, vacuum cavities, or bubbles form, and in the high phases, the bubbles move violently. It provides powerful scrubbing at a very high speed, and because the bubbles are so small, they are able to infiltrate even the negligible crevices. As a result to all these actions, Crest ultrasonic has come up with ultra sonic machines that have been deemed the most effective and efficient for cleaning purposes.

If you find yourself in need of a cleaning partner for your machines, jewelry and even guns, you can't do better than an ultra sonic machine.