Using Pre Employment Testing Results Later During Employment

Using Pre Employment Testing Results Later During Employment

You may think that that the sole purpose of pre employment testing is to make sure that you end up hiring the right people for the right positions. If you think that, you are mistaken. For example, one of the other ways this type of testing is useful is that it can help you identify opportunities for supervisor/employee coaching that will, in turn, develop your current employees into more qualified candidates for future advancement opportunities. While it is true that their core behavioral and psychological characteristics aren’t likely to change in big ways, they can change in small ways, and those small changes can make these employees significantly more valuable to you.

However, let’s back up for a moment. Another way this type of pre employment testing can be useful to you is that it can help you identify potential candidates for higher-level positions right off the bat. In addition to evaluating whether or not a candidate possesses the necessary traits for the job they’re applying for, the results can simultaneously alert you to the presence of traits that might be considered desirable in candidates for higher-level positions as well. Besides that, you don’t just have to use the results to identify coaching opportunities. You can also use them to identify candidates for immediate promotion.

When you pull up the results of an employee’s pre employment testing, whether the test was taken minutes or months ago, you will see a number of things. First, assuming the employee has already been hired, you will see that they were, in fact, recommended by the software. However, if there were any reservations or qualifications noted by the software at that time, then they will still be visible to you.

Obviously, these would make for fantastic areas to coach your employees in. If, on the other hand, no such reservations or qualifications were noted, then those employees are probably going to be some of your best candidates for promotion.

Even in view of these benefits, as important and powerful as they are, it’s still important to remember the purpose these tests serve initially. That is, they really do increase your odds of hiring the right people for the right positions. When you hire the right people for the right positions, you end up keeping them around longer, and they end up performing better. As a result of all of this, you render better service to your customers.